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About Taste Traditions

Started in 1974 as a meat processing facility under the name Mann’s International Meat Specialties. The company’s line of business included the manufacturing of sausages, cured meats and smoked meats until it was sold to a local group of investors in Feb. of 2001. During the next several years the plant took on several product modifications, they also experienced significant growth and the name was changed to Taste Traditions of Omaha. In July of 2012 the investment group sold to TOBA, Inc. TOBA owned by Tony Wald was one of 7 companies under the TOBA umbrella. TOBA supports Taste Traditions efforts to accelerate strong growth and continue to find ways to improve the facility, efficiencies and position with current and future customers. As a food manufacturing company, Taste strives to go above and beyond customers expectations by providing convenient cuisines with exceptional taste using the highest quality ingredients.

About Our Facility

Our facility is 41, 580 square feet. It includes four Chester Jensen 400 gallon kettles that can produce 33,200 lb of product in a shift. We also utilize a shear pump with certain products to achieve our objectives as they pertain to homogenization and emulsification. A 200 gallon liquefier is used in certain products to enhance the dry good mixing process. Our 18’ Continuous Pasta Blancher will cook 5,000 lbs of pasta per hour. Unlike most of our competitors we utilize a two part fill process in our pasta’s and heavy particulate soups to insure a consistent liquid to particulate ratio. We also implement a 14×11 high capacity oven to produce a Spanish rice offering unlike any other. The Cryovac unit will form and fill pouches from 2-8 lbs. All pouched product will then be processed through our dual chill baths and the freezing process will be completed in one of our 2 blast freezers. Lastly, we can process up to 7,000 enchiladas per hour utilizing our Solbern Enchilada Line.

Meet Our Sales Team

Matt McMillan

Vice President of Sales

In May of 1988 graduated from University of Nebraska-Omaha. Started his career with Coca-Cola Enterprises in 1991 and held a variety of positions over a 19 year tenure including the last 6 years as the Sales Center Manager for the Omaha and Norfolk Sales Centers. In 2011 took on the position as Director of Sales for the James Skinner Baking Co. Then in October of 2015 had the opportunity to join Taste Traditions of Omaha ...

Dennis Smith

Regional Sales Manager

Dennis Smith is a Regional Sales Manager for Taste Traditions of Omaha managing the south central and western US. He has been with Taste Traditions for 11 years. Dennis has 18 years foodservice experience and 15 years’ experience with Fortune 500 food companies. In his spare time Dennis enjoys gardening, DIY home projects, and spending time with his family.

Dee Felici

Regional Sales Director

Dee a Regional Sales Director who manages a 10 state territory in the Midwest.  She also manages a broker network to support and represent products to foodservice and retail clients in those states. Dee is an effective communicator with her clients, co-workers, management team and peers. Dee began her career with Taste Traditions in 2007 as an Executive Assistant to the President. Her focus was hiring, developing & leading talent for the sales team.  Over the ...

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