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Cooking and Handling Information
Samples can be ordered by contacting your area sales representative. You can also email Taste Traditions at or call us at 866-339-7001.
Taste Traditions products can be found nationwide. Locate a local distributor on our "How to Buy" page, or contact your local sales representative for more information.
Nutritional information can be found by logging into our sales area. To set up your login information, please contact your local sales representative or email us at
Taste Traditions has never had a recall in their 30-year history. Please see our Quality and Food Safety area to read about our policies.
Our products may contain allergens. Please contact your local sales representative for specific ingredient information. You can also contact us at or toll free at 866-339-7001.
Taste Traditions works with distributors in all 50 states. Please refer to our How to Buy page for more detailed information or contact your local sales representative for more information.
Find a local distributor on our How to Buy page. Don't see your preferred distributor? Contact your local representative or email us at to learn more about adding them as a distributor or other distribution options.
Contact your local sales representative for more information or email us at You can also call us toll free at 866-339-7001.
Taste Traditions will sell direct with a minimum order purchase. To learn more about this, contact your local sales representative or email us at You may also call toll free at 866-339-7001.
After your PO has been received, you have 24 hours from the date on the PO to add items to your order.  Any additions outside of the 24 hour time frame will be subject to a processing fee. 
For a complete list of instructions please see the Cooking/Handling section under "Our Products".  Cooking instructions are also printed on each box. For a sample shipment, instructions are included with each shipment.
All products should be kept frozen until ready to use.  Products may be thawed in the refrigerator to speed preparation time.  Never thaw products at room temperature. 
Frozen products have an eighteen (18) month shelf life from the date of production.  Thawed products should be used within five (5) days. 
Most of our products are boil-in-the bag products. Our Enchiladas and Breakfast Burritos can be prepared in a conventional oven, regular oven, warmer or microwave. Please refer to the Cooking/Handling section of our website for more detailed information.
Taste Traditions supports the United States by only using American products.