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Beau Hokanson Corporate Chef/ Procurement Manager

Beau Hokanson

Corporate Chef/ R&D / Procurement Manager
Plant Operations Team
Phone/Extension: (402) 779-8454 / 680
Beau was born in Omaha, NE. Always a fan of cooking, dropped out of college to start cooking professionally in 1991. Studied Culinary Arts at the Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver, Canada, completing the program in 1997. He then moved to Southeastern Connecticut to accept a chef position in 1997. He accepted a position at Taste Traditions of Omaha (formerly Mann's, LLC) in Feb 2001 as the first corporate chef. Beau wears multiple hats, his positions and duties include product development; concept/benchtop to full scale production, new ingredient development, finished and raw costing, sourcing, purchasing, production planning, production management, quality assurance, labeling, inventory management, processing flow and overall process troubleshooting.