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Cooking / Handling

All Taste Traditions products are cook and serve. Products should be heated to an internal temperature of 165º F. The following are estimated cook times.



Mexican entrees

Taste Traditions two varieties of enchiladas, sauced and spiced shell. The difference is the sauced are wrapped in a thin deli wrap (not labeled for resale) and the spiced shell are bulk packed. 

Convection Ovens:
Cooking times and temperatures will vary. Please use your particular oven as a reference in finding the appropriate heating time and temperature.

Traditional: Preheat to 300º F. Unwrap any prewrapped product. Place in lightly greased pan and cover. If thawed, heat for 30 minutes. If frozen, heat for 1 hour and 10 minutes - to an internal temperature of 165º F.

Chain link: Preheat to 425º F. Set time chain to 7 1/2 minutes. Unwrap any pre-wrapped product, place in lightly greased pan and cover to heat. Heat to an internal temperature of 165º F.

Microwave oven:
Cooking time may vary due to microwave wattage.

Wrap any unwrapped product in cellophane or place in a covered microwave-safe dish. Keep wrapper on pre-wrapped product. Turn product onto other side halfway through heating. If thawed, heat for 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 minutes; if frozen, heat for 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 minutes - to an internal temperature of 165º F.

Conventional Oven:
Preheat oven to 350º F. Remove film wrapper on any pre-wrapped product. Place in lightly greased pan. Cover and heat. If thawed, for 15-20 minutes, if frozen, for 40-45 minutes - to an internal temperature of 165º F.

Warmer/Steam Table:
Turn heat to high. If pre-wrapped, do not remove wrapper. Wrap any unwrapped product in plastic wrap. Cover and heat. If thawed for 15-20 minutes; if frozen, for 40-45 minutes - until product reaches internal temperature of 165º F.

Soups, Sides & Pasta Entrees

These items are packed in bags that are ready to be heated.  The bags, frozen or thawed, should be placed in a pot of hot water (180º F) and multiple bags can be heated in the same pot at the same time. Use twice the water in the pot as the volume of the bag or bags. Covering the pot will speed cook times.  

Estimated heat times
Frozen: 60-75 minutes
Thawed: 15-30 minutes

Alternate Heating
Pouches may be heated in a microwave oven, although boiling bags in water produces better results. Once thawed and removed from the pouch, the products may also be heated conventionally or in a microwave.

Adding Ingredients
It is not recommended that uncooked vegetables and meats are added to Taste Traditions products. The enzymes uncooked vegetables and meats contain may cause our products to become thin and watery. Precooked and drained meats and vegetables may be added to the products after heating.  


Mexican Entrees - 24 and 18 count cases(individually wrapped or bulk-packed)
Soups, Pastas  & Sauces - 3 lb., 5 lb., 6 lb. or 8lb. bags  (8 lb. = 1 gallon)


Taste Traditions products should be stored in the freezer at 0º F or lower. Products may be thawed in the refrigerator to speed preparation. Products should never be thawed at room temperature.


Julian dating is applied to all Taste Traditions products.
Frozen: Eighteen months.
Refrigerated: Thaw for up to 48 hours, cook within an additional 120 hours (5 days). 


Taste Traditions products should be held in an approved holding unit, such as a soup pot (double boiler), steam table or warming unit (Mexican Entrees). The product should be held between 140º F or above. Care should be taken not to overheat the product during heating or holding. Over-heating can cause soups to thicken and vegetables to overcook.