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Mexican Entrees
We have taken the great flavors of Mexico, and given them a Southwestern accent that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Our heat and serve lineup of entrees, sides, soups, and sauces makes it easy to offer the authentic flavors of the Southwest, using only quality ingredients, like USDA select beef and fresh flour tortillas made daily.



Taste Traditions offers several varieties of enchiladas. We have perfected the sauced enchilada by individually wrapping each one. This way, we capture the flavor so nothing is lost to your customers.

Then, we have developed our own "sauce-less" enchilada. Instead of dipping the enchilada in sauce, we have developed our own recipe for a delicious "spiced" shell. So it's the great authentic taste of the original enchilada you love without the mess! 

Beef & Cheese Enchilada with a Sauced Shell (Individually deli - wrapped)
Seasoned lean ground beef, onions and Cheddar cheese rolled in a fresh tortilla dipped in our spicy enchilada sauce. Available in 5 oz. or 7 oz.
Chicken & Cheese Enchilada with a Sauced Shell (Individually deli- wrapped)
Seasoned diced chicken, picante sauce, pepper jack cheese rolled in a fresh tortilla dipped in our spicy enchilada sauce. Available in 5 oz. or 7 oz.
Beef Enchilada with a Spiced Shell  (Bulk and Retail available!)
Seasoned lean ground beef, Cheddar cheese rolled in a fresh spiced tortilla shell. 6 oz.
Chicken Enchilada with a Spiced Shell  (Bulk available!)
Seasoned diced chicken, picante sauce, pepper jack cheese rolled in a fresh spiced tortilla shell. 6 oz.


Our Mexican side dishes perfectly compliment our Enchiladas and Burritos. Whether its the Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, or Southwest Macaroni and Cheese, all together you will have the perfect meal.

Our Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup adds the perfect twist with our Mexican entrees. Use it as a side or as a topping-either way, it gives your customers that Mexican flavor they crave over and over again.

Beef Taco Filling  
Lean ground beef, textured vegetable protein, and onions cooked with Mexican spices. 

Spanish Rice  
 Long grain rice cooked with onions, peppers, and spices. The perfect side dish!
Refried Beans  
Slow cooked pinto beans blended with jalapenos, onions and Mexican spices. 

Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup
A heavily seasoned cheese soup featuring diced chicken, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and onions.    Great as a sauce over Enchiladas!