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Retail Ready

Whether you manage the inventory for a large grocery chain or a small c-store, Taste Tradition’s retail ready items will keep your customers coming back.  Gourmet Soups and now Gluten Free Gourmet Soups, our customers will love the variety and convenience of each of these unique items.  Stock up your freezer shelves and stay profitable all year long! 

See below for product and package details.  All items are available through DOT Foods as well as through several distributors nationwide - CLICK HERE for map.

To find out more, contact your sales representative or call 866-339-7001. 

Gourmet Soups
Taste Traditions features 6 gourmet soups (3 are Gluten Free!)  in convenient retail packages.  Each case features 6 (3 LB.) individual boxes per flavor. 

Cheddar Baked Potato
Large cut potatoes, vegetables, and fine diced ham in a cheddar cheese broth.
6 (3 LB.) Cartons per Case #752023

Cheesy Chicken Tortilla
A heavily seasoned cheese soup featuring diced chicken, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and onions. Gluten Free.
6 (3 LB.) Cartons per Case #812293

Chicken Noodle
Diced chicken, thick egg noodles, and vegetables in a rich chicken broth.
6 (3 LB.) Cartons per Case #702083

Chicken with Wild Rice
Wild rice, white rice, diced chicken and vegetables in a well seasoned cream base. Gluten Free.
6 (3 LB.) Cartons per Case # 802153

Cream of Broccoli with Cheese
An American cheese and cream based soup with broccoli florets and pieces.  Gluten Free.
6 (3 LB.) Cartons per Case # 803103

Wisconsin Cheddar
Made with cheddar and American cheeses, celery, onions, green bell peppers and bacon bits for just a hint of smoke flavoring.
6 (3 LB.) Cartons per Case #703343

Beef Enchilada Spiced Shell
Seasoned ground beef cooked with onions and cheddar cheese sauce rolled in a fresh spiced tortilla shell.  Individually wrapped for quick heating in the microwave or warmer.
18 Count Case (6 OZ. #409126)