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Taste Traditions is a USDA inspected facility. Product safety in the manufacturing plant requires the highest of food safety standards. In order to achieve these standards, Taste Traditions is guided by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Operating Procedures in manufacturing. In addition they adhere to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code.  All state and local municipal codes are strictly enforced, along with Taste Traditions’ Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plans (HACCP). Taste scrutinizes the Food Safety Policy, Procedures and Standards Manual and does require additional annual third party audits.

Taste Traditions is annually SQF Certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute. Strong food safety systems, are continually improved and discussed weekly by the entire management team.  Taste additionally uses science-based risk identification and processes to systematically assess and control factors that could potentially compromise ingredients. These methods are employed in packaging, manufacturing processes and  finished products.  John Shannon leads the Quality Assurance team and trains employees to emphasize continuous improvement of product quality and safety.

The Food Safety process is monitored by operations personnel, managed, and validated by the Quality Assurance management team.  Inspection and process verification occurs daily by the USDA/FSIS inspection and by the Quality Assurance team prior to releasing any product into commerce.

Taste Traditions will continue to introduce new policies and procedures which place safety of products at the very forefront from procurement. To ensure that ingredients used in products are safe they must meet the requirements of the plant’s food safety policy. Taste Traditions requires each supplier to uphold the same high standards of product quality and safety employed in the plant.